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My name is Teresa Robinson and I’m the the creator of Short Girl Cakies, a Shelby Township, Michigan artisan cake and cupcake bakery. I was taught old-world baking techniques by my Grandma and I began learning modern cake decorating skills about 10 years ago. I create wedding cakes and event cakes that are everything from traditional wedding cakes to unique cake creations.

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As a seasoned baker, I continually study to learn the newest and most exciting cake trends and techniques. You may be wondering how my artisan cottage bakery got its name Short Girl Cakies. It’s a cute story actually. While I was creating a new cupcake flavor for a birthday party, one of my two sons came into the kitchen. He was two at the time and too short to see over the counter, so he put his little hand up and in his sweet tiny voice said “Can I have cakies? I like cakies…” The word cakies stuck around in our house. We just naturally said cakies instead of cake or cupcakes any time. Thus when it was time to start my own cake bakery, it just made sense to give my little guy credence for creating the word. Thus was the beginning of what we all know as Short Girl Cakies.

Short Girl Cakies is a from scratch bakery. The fact is cake is best when it’s freshest, which is why I never use box mix and only use real ingredients. My favorite thing to do is create new and exciting flavors for cakes, fillings, and buttercreams. Do you have a favorite dessert or beverage that you’d love to have in a cake? I will develop a special flavor just for your wedding or special event and create a cake you’ll never forget!

Contact me today to discuss your sweet needs! You can also find me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter as well as Instagram and soon I will be on Pinterest. I will be adding live broadcasts on Periscope as well as doing Facebook Live, so sign up for live notifications!

Bakery Location

Shelby Township., MI 48317
(586) 217-2025

Our bakery is licensed under the Michigan Cottage Food Law based out of Shelby Township, Michigan. We deliver fresh baked cakes to event locations throughout Southeast Michigan.